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    Where Are You Headed?

      Have you ever been driving and looked at the side of the road only to find the car is now headed to the side of the road? 

    Where we look is where we go.   Christian marriage needs to have its eyes outside of the societal vision of marriage, we are not in it just for the car, house and 2.5 kids.

     We marry to celebrate and embody Gods love, to minister to one another, to grow and sharpen one another, and to live a life of shared values and vison.  

    Outsider Coaching is dedicated to supporting the ongoing transformation of the marital relationship so that God remains always at the heart.

    Professionalism and Experience

    As a follower of Jesus and as a trained and Certified Professional Coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and gain a renewed sense of self within Christ. 

    I learned group work as my focus in attaining my MSW. One of the most joyful discoveries of my professional training is that so many of the principles developed through the scientific study of well being (happiness) in positive psychology support what we learn in scripture, and I love the marriage of scripture and science as a means of personal growth. 

    Supporting Your Journey

    Individually and as couples we are ever on a journey following in the way and wake of the master. Our marriages are vehicles for our growth in our walk. Everything we "have" is a gift from Him, including our marriage and as stewards of these gifts, we will treasure and honor them and one another. 

    Some marriages may be exceptions, though He makes good of all, there are marriages that He would not choose for us. We can not judge other peoples marriages and choices on how to transform them, only our own. 

    In our work we support you in the how of transforming your marriage, whether it be into a better marriage or divorce, we will stand for you with God.


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