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    Why an "Outsider"?

    The direction or drift of culture is materially oriented and yet scripture and positive psychology shows us that being experientially and and relationally focused is the recipe for greater well being and happiness. Its time to jump out of the societal box. Jesus was the ultimate outsider focused completely on the well being of those around him.

     Be an "Outsider" and generate a life focused on relationship, experiencing the fullness of life, savoring the glory of what we have inherited. 

    Stewardship As a Model

    We come into this world with nothing but our little bodies and our "word".  Ownership is not even a concept to our little minds, we only "own" what actually enters our mouths as babies and for better or worse we give that back. Stewardship is about caring for our bodies, our relationships, our families, our businesses, our world. Its about keeping our word and living by the word.

    We don't own anything we cant take with us when we leave this life so lets leave it better than we found it. 

    Personal Fulfillment

    Many of us are looking for more, often more of what already is not working, more money, more new pleasures. Personal fulfillment is about living our principles and values, allowing change to happen within ourselves so that we are more true to our inner selves. 

    How I Became An Outsider

      For 30 plus years I ran and developed a sustainable Landscape Design and Construction company operating in NYC and Westchester county- I was outside all the time. However I was very much inside the societal box, hoping for more better different in my life. The company was never profitable;e enough, the rewards never good enough despite living in a fine home with a beautiful family. 

    One day in October I reached out for help in utter despair, face down on my kitchen floor and God was there in a way I had not experienced him since my youth. I had forgotten what the presence of Jesus felt like! This experience began my journey as an outsider. I started to be grateful for my life, what I had, where I was, and for God's transformational love. 

    I began also to study positive psychology and found that science was affirming all the things I had learned about living in faith. 

    Out of these experiences, Outsider Coaching was born, a coaching practice that blends faith and positive psychology so that life is happier and more fulfilling. 

    Happiness and fulfillment are the result of surrendering to all of who we are as creations on this earth and allowing ourselves to be all that we were created to be. When we show up in this space we can move mountains in our relationships, families, businesses, communities, and anywhere else we can imagine.

    Rich Heller, MSW, CPC, ELIMP

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